Basic info

Zagreb is located on southern slopes of mountain Medvednica along the river of Sava and with population of nearly 1 million inhabitants represents the capitol and the largest city of Croatia. Zagreb has humid continental climate with four separated seasons. Coldest days during the winter can reach temperatures under -10 degrees Celsius and during the summer temperatures can rise over 35 degrees Celsius. Spring and autumn months are mild with occasional rain and thunderstorms and temperatures around 15 degrees Celsius.

Why Zagreb?

During the history Zagreb was influenced by various cultures and today it represents one of most essential places to be visited. Zagreb offers variety of historical, cultural, archaeological and natural sights worth visiting. With its location Zagreb offers numerous activities that can be tried out such as hiking, cycling, skiing and snowboarding, running etc.


  • Medvednica mountain
  • Jarun lake, Maksimir park, Bundek lake
  • Ban Jelačić Square, St. Mark’s Square and Kaptol
  • Ski resort Sljeme
  • Dražen Petrović Basketball Hall
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Best Season:All year around
Popular Location: Medvednica mountain, Ski resort Sljeme, Jarun lake, Ban Jelačić Square

Activities in Zagreb

hiking, snowboading, sightseeing...

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