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Undiscovered, unreachable by land, simply amazing for sea discovery activities. Only few villages and a main harbor of Cres and everything else is pure nature filled with secluded sea coves, underwater caves and wild sea life. Main town of Cres is well known for its long fishing and ship building tradition. Small village of Lubenice resting on 378m ridge above sea level offers magnificent panoramic view of all the Kvarner bay.

Why Cres?

Cres is perfect destination for everyone willing to actively spend some quality time during vacation. It offers plenty of activities on the land and especially on the sea. Its coast is unreachable by car and you can decide to go hiking or bike riding in order to get close by the sea. On the other hand, coastal beauty is better to be explored from the sea as it is much easier to reach hidden places, secluded beaches and caves. In the main town of Cres one can easily find fun, night out life, restaurants and all the other summer trills the place can offer. Cres island is also known as nature reserve for Griffon vulture (lat. Gyps fulvus)


  • Secluded beaches with crystal clear sea
  • Ancient fort of Lubenice
  • Sv. Ivan beach
  • Blue Cave
  • Steep and rocky coastline
  • Griffon vulture nature reserve
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Best Season:Spring and Summer
Popular Location: Lubenice, Plava grota, Valun

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