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Our 14-year experience in the field of active tourism has pointed to the need of variety. Therefore, our goal is to design and offer a variety of programs to meet all our customers wishes.

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Nautical Tourism

Nautical tourism is our core business. From 2004. Croatia significantly developed in the field of nautical tourism and therefore we followed the growing trend by perfecting our knowledge and skills.

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No matter how good you are in your field of profession, together, with experienced partners holding your back, you can always achieve more.

About Outdoor Croatia Holiday

Past, present and future…

From the beginning

Everything started 14-years ago when we first discovered the trills of snow, sun, wind, sea and mountains. At first, the trend of active tourism was small and slow growing until Croatia became member if EU in 2013. In the last 5 years, need for active tourism is really high so we started expanding the offer accordingly.

To the future

Communication and interaction with our clients holds the key to the verification of our existing offers. Every positive or negative feedback is always good as it points out weather the offer is still acceptable or is it time to adapt it to the present need of our clients. Therefore, we collect every single feedback from our clients in hope that in future we manage to customize all the offers suitable to our clients needs.

“The future depends on what you do today”
~Mahatma Gandhi~


It all begun back in 1950. when couple of enthusiast surfers decided to find some alternative during the winter as the sea was to cold and dangerous to continue surfing.…

Sailing Tours

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Kayak tours

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Hiking Tours

Movement once mandatory, today just a thought! The accelerated pace of modern life "tied" us to the chairs and offices because of which we have forgotten about basic human need,…

Cycling tours

Bicycle is know to mankind for ages. At first, it was the only way of transportation. Today cycling reached the peak of its evolution in all the fields such as…


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