“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing”
~Helen Keller~

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    Discover Island Cres

    Sailing Tours

    Visiting Croatia but you still didn't explore any islands? We take you on the sailing tour to discover one of largest and most beautiful island in Adriatic.

    from  99.00

      Experience Cres

      Sailing Tours

      If you need something short but exciting and relaxing, then you can experience Cres. Join us on our 3 hour sailing tour combined with swimming, snorkeling and relaxing in one of many nice bays along the Cres Island coastline.

      from  350.00

        Private Sailing Tour

        Sailing Tours

        Looking for your private getaway where you won't be bothered by other tourists? Try our private sailing tour tailored according to your wishes.

        from  549.00

          Sailing school – EduSail

          Sailing Tours

          Never quite understood the theory of sailing? We have unique way for you to learn or extend your sailing knowledge. EduSail is designed for those individuals or a group of friends who wants to learn basic safety, navigation and sailing…

          from  460.00


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