Movement once and today

Movement once mandatory, today just a thought! The accelerated pace of modern life "tied" us to the chairs and offices because of which we have forgotten about basic human need, the movement. Movement is one of main factors that led us to perfection, so we need to show our gratitude and reconnect at least for a moment with what created us, NATURE. Hiking and mountaineering has become one of the most enjoyable and relaxing activities. Forget about worries and enjoy the fresh mountain air away from the city, crowd and stress.

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Best Seasons:All year round
Popular Location:Medvednica, Velebit...

Back in to the NATURE

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    500 Stairs of Horvat Hiking Tour


    If you feel in shape you can join us on this whole day explore of NP Medvednica and its famous 500 stairs of Horvat. Enjoy and discover many natural spots deep in the forest of NP Medvednica

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      Leustek Hiking Tour


      Visiting Zagreb and looking for one day getaway from center of town. We have perfect solution to combine your free time with nearby mountain of Medvednica.

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